2010 AIJ International Architectural & Urban Design Workshop  
in Karatsu

Architectural Institute of Japan  Town Building Supportive Board/ ReseachCommittee of Urban Planning and Design

2010日本建築学会国際建築都市デザインワークショップ 唐津

日本建築学会  まちづくり支援建築会議/都市計画本委員会



"How to Re-edit a Fragmented City?"-Revitalization ofWalkable KARATSU


The workshop was successfully ended with

enthusiastic effects.

Many thanks to the Participants, Faculty members, Supporters, as wellas to the   Mayer of Karatsu city, City officers, Local supporters, andmany people!!

                                                                                  Welcome Party

   Town Survey

                                                                  Hearing of Citizens    


                                                             Group Study  

  Group Study

                                                                                                       TV Interview    

                                                                                       Pin-Up Review


   Mid Term Review

                                                                                   Final Review

                          Comments by Prof. Bosselmann  

   With Mayor Sakai of Karatsu city


                           Congratulations !!  Our works are highly appreciated.


Karastu Agenda

Project Descriptions


Group 1.Connecting_Spaces

Group 2.Living_Heritage

Group 3.Water_Walls_ansd_Walks

Group 4.Essence_of_Arrival

Group 5.City_Within

Group 6.Water Intersection


Saga Newspaper 3/21

Nishi Nihon Newspaper 3/24


Architectural Institute of Japan will hold an International Architectural and Urban DesignWorkshop in March 2010. We will call for enthusiastic students from over the world toparticipate it.

■Period: March 14(Sun)-23(Tue), 2010

■Place: Karatsu City, Saga Prefecture, Japan

■Host: Reseach Committee of Urban Planning and Design and Town Building SupportiveBoard of theArchitectural Institute of Japan

■Theme: Karatsu City is a beautiful castle town known with traditional pottery industry of "Kratsu Yaki", and well  preserved beaches and old urban fabrics. Common with other localcities in Japan, this city is suffering from the    hollowing out of the downtown district,recently. This workshop will study on integrating those scattered              tardtionalarchitectural assets and natural attractiveness, and will finally propose an urban andarchitectural  design to solve the current issues. This proposal shall be presented to thepublic and the city government.

■Schedule:    schedule.pdf

■Instructors: Masami Kobayashi,Atushi Deguchi, Takashi Ariga, Peter Bosselmann, StefanPellegrini, Anne Scheou
                   Nobuo Mishima, Koichiro Aitani, Hiroshi Koike

■Entree fee: 10,000 Japanese yen

■Maximum capacity: 40 students

■Expenses: Travel expense shall be provided by each participants
                Accommodation shall be provided by the organization
                Food shall be provided by the organization

Emergency Contact:  Karatsu Inter-University Support Center:  +81-955−70−1515