2011 AIJ International Architectural & Urban Design
Workshop in Takahashi

Architectural Institute of Japan  

Town Building Associate Board/ Research Committee of Urban Planning and Design

2011日本建築学会国際建築都市デザインワークショップ 高梁

日本建築学会 まちづくり支援建築会議/都市計画委員会 



Recoed of  Karatsu International Architectural & UrbanDesign Workshop 2010 



"How to envision the future of a city as environmentally  responsive

with an important historical heritage and great livability?"

-Revitalization of a livable TAKAHASHI



The workshop was sucessfully finished and the

paricipants shared a precious time together in

Takahashi city.




Architectural Institute of Japan will hold an International Architectural andUrban Design Workshop in March 2011. We will call for enthusiastic students fromall over the world to participate.

■Period: March 13(Sun)-23(Thu), 2011

■Place: Takahashi City, Okayama Prefecture, Japan

■Host: Town Building Associate Board, and Research Committee of UrbanPlanning and Design of the Architectural Institute of Japan

   Takahashi City is a beautiful local town, which has distinctive historicalassets, such as "Bicchu-Matsuyama Castle" registered as a National ImportantCultural Property, and"Fukiya"district registered as a NationalPreservationDistrict for Groups of Traditional Buildings. Takahashi is located in a rich naturallandscape with rivers and mountains.

   Recently Takahashi city has been merged with surrounding neighborhoods andhas formed new "Greater Takahashi", but the network of the existing culturaland natural assets in the wider area have not been well organized. This workshopwill study the integration of these scattered natural and historical assets in bothGreater Takahashi and the Takahashi city core, and will propose urban andarchitectural  designs to solve the current issues.

    The keywords will be,"environmentally responsive city", "attractive networkfor tourism and the local community", "safe and livable environments for all agesfrom children to elderly people"

    The design proposal of the workshop will be presented to the public and thecity government.

■Schedule:    Schedule

■Instructors: Masami Kobayashi, Atushi Deguchi, Takashi Ariga, PeterBosselmann, Stefan Pellegrini, Anne Scheou, Koichiro Aitani, Hiroshi Koike

■Entree fee: 20,000 Japanese yen

■Maximum capacity: 40 students

■Expenses:  Travel expense shall be provided by each participants
                 Accommodation shall be provided by the organization
                 Food voucher shall be provided by the organization

Emergency Contact:  Takahashi WS Tokyo office:  +81-3-3418-7711